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Football holidays

Football holidays aren’t just about following your favourite team when they play away from home. With Your Sporting Challenge, you can also organise your own football holidays, where you can compete in a tournament at the same time as relaxing in the sun with friends. We specialise in organising football holidays to Portugal and other international destinations, so why not give us a try?

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Maybe your local team are dreaming of football holidays in Portugal, or maybe you and your mates just fancy a kick around abroad. Our range of football holidays has something to suit everyone. If it doesn’t, you can create your own.

Football holidays can include travel, accommodation, professionally organised tournaments and all the best locations and facilities. We’ll provide transport to and from the airport – and even between your hotel and the football pitch.

It’s not just football we’re mad about, either. We cater for every type of sport. For example, if you have a Grand Prix you’re dying to visit, or a rugby match you simply refuse to miss, we can help out, too.

With Your Sporting Challenge, you could be playing football in the sun or cheering your team on to win the next championship in no time. Call us on 0845 121 2018 (Overseas: +44 161 955 4201).

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